Develop advanced mastery in the science, practice and art of coaching.

The Advanced Coaching Mastery (ACM) is an accelerated, intensive immersion-style course. The ACM Workshop is tailored to develop advanced mastery in the science, practice and art of coaching. It assumes that participants already have had multi layers of training and are now looking for a more personalized learning environment. This workshop is PERSONAL it does not only talk about coaching or the coaching industry. This is a unique opportunity for successful coaches and people developers to push through their own personal and professional limits. This workshop is designed for professionals looking for a breakthrough and ready to push to the next level.

Learning methodologies includes round table lecturing, one-on-one practice, large and small group sessions in addition to individual coaching sessions. Leadership, Group Coaching, Career Development, Mediation, Performance Improvement and Interpersonal Communications are among the topics that are covered. Participants learn and practice the specialized competencies of coaching conversations. Explore the latest evidence-based change technology and developments in leadership coaching, and master the coaching skills assessment and developmental planning in this immersion-style certification workshop. Graduates earn the prestigious and recognized Coaching Master 3.0 (ACM) designation.


Advanced Coaching Mastery and Brain Based Individual and Group Coaching Processes

Module 1: Understanding the Pillars of Transformation

  • Neuroscience of the Transformation
  • Revised Advanced Coaching Model
  • The Pillars of Human Participation
  • Breaking into Possibility
  • Overcoming fear and failure

Module 2: Neuroscience and Action

  • Brain-Based action cycles
  • Initiative and the Brain
  • Innovation and the Brain
  • Creativity and the Brain

Creating your Own Unique Coaching Methodology and Program

Module 3: Individual Coaching Method and Program Design

  • Understanding the elements of Power Coaching
  • What Works and What does not work
  • Personalized Coaching Methodology design
  • The Individual Coaching Process 3.0

Module 4: Group Coaching Methodology and Design

  • Creating Catalyst Action Contexts
  • Strategic Action Elements of Group Awareness
  • Group Coaching Ethics
  • Immersion Programs for Groups and Teams
  • Designing your Group Coaching Program

Coaching Mastery 3.0 – The New Frontier of Personal and Organizational Transformation

Module 5: Advanced Mastery of Potential and Self

  • What is my true Potential for the next 12 months
  • Breaking Through my patterns
  • Creating Neurological Habits for Results
  • Reformatting Relationships

Module 6: Organizations and Social Consciousness

  • Coaching 3.0 in the USA and Europe
  • Coaching 3.0 in Emerging Nations
  • Unlocking your greatest possibility
  • Launching your offering