Our Mission

Our mission is to empower coaches to differentiate themselves, serve more people and scale their success. We do this by developing and providing advanced coaching tools and frameworks and working with coaches to customize and apply these frameworks in the context of their specific domain and field of expertise.



All our coaching frameworks have been designed to be customized by each coach to fit his or her personal mission, style and ethos. Our goal is to enable each coach to develop a personal version of our frameworks he/she can own and deliver with confidence and credibility in a way that is truly unique. We celebrate and support each person's uniqueness.


Not only do we enable coaches to develop a unique version of our frameworks, but we work together closely to ensure these tools are applied by each coach to best serve his/her client base. We realize the need for unique application of coaching tools to suit various market segments, customer groups and industries.


We all want to scale our impact and be more successful. We work with coaches to develop ways to reach more people more effectively and to grow their coaching businesses. We provide a number of online tools and engagements to support an exclusive network of coaches in their efforts to grow their businesses and to scale our combined impact on this world through training, certification, business development and community support.


Being a giver is the ultimate - Giving of our time, money, love and support. We encourage coaches to develop as givers and we design and offer opportunities and experiences for coaches to give themselves and create unforgettable memories and stories to that will inspire and motivate others to do the same. "Giving yourself" is the central theme in all our trainings and programs.