An immersive process to extract, distill and develop your unique value proposition and personal success blueprint.

This process is especially valuable to top executives who want to break into the next level of their success or position themselves to capitalize on their next big opportunity in the marketplace. Available as a 4-6 week one-on-one process with one of our Master Coaches or in a 2-Day Exclusive Peer Group Workshop format with professional input from one of our Master Coaches.

Phase 1: Own Your Story

The first phase of this process focusses on who you are, what your're best at and what you enjoy most. It also helps clarify who you want to become and who you want to be known as. 

We extract and distill all the information about the "who, what, where, when and why" in order to create authentic language around your personal strengths, motivations, uniqueness and the value you bring.

Phase 2: Define Your Domain

During phase 2 of the process, we focus on defining your target customer and deciding exactly who you want to serve. We also analyze all the insights you have around your target customer and make sure we have a clear definition of their needs and the problem they want to solve.

Once we defined the customer and the problem statement, we look at your competitors and what they have to offer, and we craft a unique value proposition and positioning statement for your brand.

Phase 3: Develop Your Presence

The third phase is a creative process to define and design your unique image, style, personality, ethics and mantra.

The outcome of this process is a clear understanding of your own uniqueness and a set of creative tools including keywords, metaphors and language structures you can use to express your unique design and personal brand.

The process provides a summary or blueprint document that can be used to effectively inform the development of your personal logo, tagline, photography, business cards, website and social media pages as well as update your resume and other communication elements.

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